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We are looking for you to join us...

Image by Dylan Gillis

Every company has a story, and our visitors want to hear ours. The gap for a reliable, honest and responsible company was available in the Indian market and it was a great opportunity to give the clients exactly that. A readymade network at their disposal to allow them to explore the market better and further than earlier. TSC walked in as a solution provider to these businesses that were struggling to locate a dependable source. We fill the void and provide our network, sourcing & team assistance to deliver a suitable experience to the customers.

If you’re an enthusiast from any of our fields, if you think you can offer your expertise and add on to our team. We would love to chat with you or meet with you, and discuss possibilities.

We are looking to welcome onboard fresh associates on performance based profit sharing model. Lets get to know each other and discuss more on this.





A mid level position, working as a support system to the senior associates and partners in their respective industries. The position calls on resourceful people with reliable network across their specific specialization.

As evident, a senior position encompassing work as a profit center, support and resources made available from TSC and deliverables include achieving targets and maximizing revenue.

A top management position that requires the person to deliver results, a decision makers position. A lot many details including responsibilities and liabilities that are best discussed in person. 

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